belated move

I guess I never officially mentioned this here, so (for the few people who read this journal and don't know already) I've switched to doing my blogging on another site. If you want to keep on LJ, it's syndicated as inky_blog. This hasn't increased the frequency of my posting or anything, but I do have a few reviews up.

IF Comp 2008, part 1

I guess this year everyone is blogging their IF Comp reviews as they play the games, not all at the end, so far be it for me to do anything different. This is actually better on the whole, since getting a whole wodge of reviews right at the end is kind of like trying to eat an entire cake at one sitting. Anyway, so far I've played these: Afflicted, Channel Surfing, Cry Wolf, A Date With Death, A Martian Odyssey, The Missing Piece, The Ngah Angah School of Forbidden Wisdom, Nightfall, Recess At Last, Red Moon, Search for the Ultimate Weapon, When Machines Attack, The Absolute Worst IF Game in History, Buried In Shoes, Freedom, The Hall of the Fount of Artois, The Lighthouse, Nerd Quest, Project Delta. Yeah, I know 19 is pretty wodge-y in itself, but at least you're not getting them on the same day as a dozen other people. Anyway, more next weekend, maybe.

Dresden Files, Best of 2007

Ok, this is my last review post of the year, so I guess I'm obliged to list my top books reviewed this year. But first one more review squeaks across the line:

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Now then, the best-of for the year. It looks like I did 107 book reviews, so I should probably pick a top couple. Here are nine, not taken from non-books or re-reads:
  • Blankets: This graphic novel is the best argument I have seen for the existence of graphic novels as a genre.
  • The Company series (finishing with The Sons of Heaven): An sf series about time travel, immortal cyborgs, and all that good stuff. Long but worth it.
  • The Porcelain Dove: A fairy-tale version of the French Revolution, with magic, but if this makes you think it is all spun-sugar and nice you are reading the wrong fairy tales.
  • Prince of Foxes: This is a romance in the Prisoner-of-Zenda sense of the term, set in Renaissance Italy and with all the machinations, heroics, and art that implies.
  • Scott Pilgrim series (and book 4): A charming set of graphic novels that blends a variety of genres together into a romance/comedy/slacker/videogame thing, drawn in a Western style but heavy manga influence.
  • Second Person: A collection of theories, how-tos, and surveys of the field in some of my favorite areas — interactive fiction, RPGs, and videogames — by both critics and authors.
  • Stumbling on Happiness: A discussion of the nature of happiness, what it means to be happy and how to get there (or why we don't get there). It has philosophy for the philosophers, psychology for the psychologists, and stories about people in psychological experiments for everyone else.
  • The Time Traveler's Wife: An sf novel written by someone who's not an sf author, but working out way better than that makes you think. Similarly better than what you think of if I describe it as a predestined romance. Just read it, seriously.
  • The Visual Display of Quantitative Information: Graph porn is its own reward.

In addition, I wrote some reviews that I thought were funny or insightful or charmingly meandering or something, even if the book didn't make my best-of list. My top five of those:

And that was 2007!